I enjoy editing photos and also do a few of my own projects from time to time. I have completed a lot of photo retouch work for quite a few established photographers.

T-shirt photos

I have worked with many photographers and models from all level in the industry. One of the photographers who has become a friend of mine did a photoshoot with a number of models wearing my own designs. The results are very pleasing

Face and beauty

There are many different styles of photo retouching you can over do things sometimes but skin tone does need to be constant for beauty shots here is one such example I have made for a beauty model. She used this piece in her portfolio.

Models and model portfolio

One of the photographers I worked with would regular do photo shoots and I would edit the photos for him, these were for models starting out and already established, I have not done this in a while as I have been busy on other things however you can see more at flickr/jacksretouch

Art conceptual work

One photographer who I am still in contact with does a lot of fashion concept work that he presents to high end brands. There is still the contact there for me to do experimental work if time allows.

Digital art

When I do things for myself I often, do artworks of music or artists that I listen to, I made a series of Hip Hop posters that could potentially be printed off. This was just an experiment I wanted to do the results are very pleasing.

Digital Drawing

While I also do traditional pencil to paper art, I also like to draw on the computer directly. One of the characters I enjoyed in my childhood, was Judge Dredd from 2000AD comics. I can also make customised work for you if you would like, so please contact me and we can work this out further.

Pixel Art

For the last few years, I have been experimenting and investigating the art form of pixel art. I try to do this as much as possible. I have a number of works in the process. I have a few one off prints for sale that you can see on ko-fi.com/voxodyssey

3D modeling

I am at times very interested in using Cinema 4D and while Pixel Art has taken up most of my spear time it is an area I still investigate from time to time.